Gas Dehydration With Molecular Sieves

When the hydrocarbon gas feed has an important content of dissolved water, dehydration based on molecular sieves may be required. In this case, the PTSA technology will be applied (Pressure & temperature Swing Adsorption).

Bellelli Engineering has accumulated the proper Know How and has selected from the market some specific type of molecular sieves or other compounds to pursue the best efficiency on this technology.

Gas dehydration with PTSA is gas losses free, economical, may be applied with high flow rates and may be modular.
The standard configuration of the system includes a filtration step, the dehydration in the Adsorption beds, the regeneration of the exhausted bed using high temperature recirculated gas and the cooling system for the dry gas.

The same technology, with different type of molecular sieves may be applied for removal of other compounds from Natural Gas.