Supplier Questionnaire

In this section you can fill out the Supplier Questionnarire necessary procedures to qualify any companies as suppliers of Bellelli Engineering. The procedure fulfills the requirements set out by the internal procedure described in ISO 9001 – Quality Manual and Safety performed by the Mod 7.4.1 Ed 01 (Rev. 04). For any further information you can contact finished compiling the Form below: [email protected]
Before accessing at On-line Form via the link below, you need to pay attention to some relevant information required.  The module consist of the following 6 sections:  1. COMPANY PROFILE – Informartion 2. COMPANY PROFILE – Organization 3. COMPANY PROFILE – Structure 4. QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS OBTAINED 5. QUALITY & SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CHECK LIST 6. ATTACHEMENTS / NOTES   So before you access the form on-line, below, it is necessary to have the information listed above plus the following attachments:  a. Your Company Logo b. Quality Manual c. Certifications from Third Part d. Reference List e. Certificate from Professional Associations Now if you have all required information you can fill out the On-line Form: Supplier Questionnaire