Mission and Philosophy

Bellelli Engineering Mission

To pursue a sustainable model of growth through the prompts satisfaction of the expectations of our clients furnishing products of increasing quality, improving our position of cost with the technological updating and giving particular attention to the safety, the needs, the skills of our employees and respecting the social impacts! Our purpose is to harness natural energy resources for human benefit.

Bellelli Engineering Philosophy

“At Bellelli Engineering, we believe that making the world a better place for all of its people is the real business we are in.

We have witnessed our own eyes how successful oil&gas projects, responsibly managed, can supply the economic means for peoples, even entire nations, to provide a better life to their children a life with clean water, accessible medical care, affordable food and housing, reliable electric power, educational opportunity and jobs.

The good news is, in today’s interconnected world, we don’t have to be a giant corporation to have a major positive impact. Bellelli Engineering’s team management has been finding and developing major projects over the past 15 years, consistently and cost effectively.

Our mission is to continue to deliver extraordinary value and quality of life to our investors, community neighbours, venture partners and employees.”